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Never lose a message. Transform any device into a push-to-talk communicator by integrating multiple radio networks into a single, unified system.

People need to communicate with diverse personnel from multiple organizations, but they often lack a unified communications network.

Communicate Beyond Network Barriers

First responders need to share information as they arrive on scene. Soldiers in Afghanistan need to direct local police targeting a suspected terrorist. Police agencies, FEMA and the Red Cross need to work together to evacuate residents in the path of a hurricane.

Create a Push-to-Talk Communicator on the Fly

Covia automatically transforms any mobile phone, handheld or dash-mounted laptop into a push-to-talk communicator. The software is pushed out to field personnel, creating an integrated voice network on the fly that enables coordination among a diverse population.

Always Available, Clear Messages

Immediately, all responding personnel—regardless of affiliation—are patched through to a single push-to-talk network with priority messaging, message archives and location-specific information. This guarantees that all messages are received by those who need to hear them.