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Alert & Respond

Rapid information equals rapid response. Equip first responders with advanced software. Provide real-time data and surveillance video as they arrive on scene.

We are increasingly bombarded with threats to our safety by our environment and other forces. Events such as natural disasters, school shootings, and terrorist attacks have reached new levels of danger. Slow reaction times and communications errors result in injuries and deaths. Frustrated with the inability to communicate effectively between agencies, local, state and federal law enforcement agencies require a more coordinated response.

Identify an Equipment Problem

Each agency equips their personnel with various smart phones, walkie-talkies and other communication devices running on separate networks. As a result, first responders rarely have an integrated view of their assets and risks before heading into emergency situations where seconds count.

Merge Functionality, Resources and Information

Covia integrates communication across hardware — regardless of OS or communications protocol. With the Covia Connector, all your applications work together as one application sharing audio, video, data and more.

Empower First Responders

Police can view surveillance video from a smart phone before entering a building. Support units can read suspect descriptions via text message. Bomb squads can access digital images of a suspicious package. Inform civilians and even order an evacuation.

Share Information Across Agencies

Mobile phones carried by campus security can be patched into the police push-to-talk system. Firefighters and EMTs can access police maps of hot spots. A commanding officer en route can coordinate first responders—including police units, firefighters and EMTs.